Buck and Doe

Silver The Hunt it Over Couples Buck and Doe Necklaces, Hammered Silver

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This is the original buck and doe design for couples. We engrave "The hunt is over" on each side. They are made of a out of an old silver coin that has been hammered and polished to make a beautiful wavy silver surface. The buck and doe interlock perfectly and fit like a puzzle. Every detail is meticulously cut by hand with a small jeweler's saw. If you want we can engrave your name or anniversary date instead.

We made our Interlocking designs because we wanted to create something that unites two people. Either a couple or friends or family. You give half to your special someone and every time they look at it, they think of you and the piece that fits it just right.

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Jason J.
Amazing We love the buck and doe necklaces.Life customers for sure. Thank you for the superb service.
Randy G.
Amazing! It's extremely talented to be able to cut a coin so well that it makes beautiful artwork! It's going to be a great Christmas gift! I can't wait till I can get more for birthdays and maybe some for next Christmas. Thank you so much!!!
Cheyenne P.
Simply beautiful these necklaces are absolutely beautiful, I was really nervous when I ordered these but once I got them I knew I made the right decision. They are very well made and look great. Well worth the price.
April D.
Love it! Highly recommend this product !!!
Ashlyn W.
Loved it I loved it it was perfect i gave it to my boyfriend and it was so romantic when he seen what it was
Stephanie M.
Loved it! They were even better than expected. It makes a wonderful gift for relationships :)
Michael E.
Awesome i gave it to my girlfriend as a part of Valentine's Day
Michelle W.
I absolutely loved my necklace. Will defiantly be back to order another
Shauna W.
name coins I loved my name coins. Only thing is.....I have no clue where my key chain is!!!! Yes, it was in the order, but has disappeared. So upset. Is there a way to order just one? Or do they come in sets?
Alex B.
Not bad, but expected more The Chain i ordered was not the one i received, but the coin is finely made and looks really nice!
Clint M.
Dylan T.
My girlfriend loved it. she puts it on every morning great craftsmanship
Jonathon H.
AMAZING! I saw this online and knew it would be perfect for my girl friend and I. We are in a long distance relationship and have been for 4 years but make it work. When it came in the mail I was amazed how clean and shiny the coin was! I will recommend this to many of my friends. Thank you again!
Zakery K.
Perfect Exactly what was described!! And exactly how I wanted it
Rhonda M.
I love it
Ashley H.
Love love love Y'all do a amazing job!!! Thank y'all soooooo much will be back to order from y'all
Jeremy E.
We love it ....looks great
Teneille W.
Loved the necklace set! Good Loved the necklace set! Good quality
Hailey Q.
great thank you
Kaitlin G.
Just amazing. There aren't enough words in the English dictionary to describe how much I love these necklaces. They are so perfect for my boyfriend and I and I'm so happy that I found y'all. They are so amazing and I'm so so grateful y'all made them for us(:
Robert H.
Love them thanks
Angela W.
Loved it!! These necklaces matched up perfectly and was exactly what we ordered. They arrived very quickly within a week. We loved them!! And would reccomend this product to anyone looking for something special for a love one.
Ben A.
These are amazing!!! my girlfriend and I love these necklaces. They are amazing and real sturdy. Thanks for this amazing product.
Robert S.
product was awesome I got tbis for my girlfriend and i for valentines day, it shipped fast and its totally worth the money, the chains are a very nice compliment also, im very pleased with my necklaces!
Natalie B.
Absolutely love it and so did my boyfriend. It was my present to him for our anniversary. Thank you so much!
Maria O.
Amazing I ordered the buck and doe chains as a gift and it was delivered on time and was even more amazing in person . Absolutely loved it and will definitely be ordering from here in the future.
Samantha S.
Perfect I loved it! I gave it to my brother and his fiance as an early wedding present and they love it as well! Thankyou
Anthony P.
Well Made The necklace was well made is cut very well interlocks perfectly the chains fit perfect, there were no sharp burrs or anything of that sort.
Hunter V.
Great me and my girlfriend really like them they fit nice , look great and are not to expensive
Mikel M.
Awsome!!!! Incredible product! This is my second purchase and could not be happier. Would recommend to everyone. Can't believe more people haven't heard of your company.
William L.
I love them
Ashlyn W.
It's the perfect gift to give to ur special other
Amanda L.
My boyfriend and I love it!!!I bought for our anniversary! I showed them to my sister and she ordered a necklace set for her and her Hubby's anniversary as well!!!
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