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Silver Name Necklace, Names and birthdate engraved on a Mercury Dime

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We carefully and perfectly engrave a full name and birthdate on a beautiful mercury dime. This is a sweet way to show your love for a special person. We etch deeply into the metal so it will look nice forever.

We can use many different coins. You can choose in the options.

Please let us know the names and date or dates that you would like us to engrave in your order comments. 

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Cassie S.
This is my sea turtle necklace on a baby Olive Ridley Sea turtle in Costa Rica!
Jody L.
We gave it to a girl from work. Her brother passed away so we gave her the dime baseball and she put it on her charm bracelet. She did post a picture on facebook.
Cassie S.
My mom gave me this sea turtle necklace on a Nebraska quarter because that is where i'm from. I have loved turtles since I was 8. She gave it to me for my birthday right before I left for Costa Rica for 3 months where I was a research assistant aiding in sea turtle conservation. I have worn it everyday for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, the one time I took it off for a funeral, it has gone missing. The necklace had great value to me and many, many memories attached to it. Tears were honestly shed since its been gone, but still hoping it shows up. In the mean time, I have ordered another one. These necklaces are very well made and the chains they come on do not wear over time. Thank you so much for making such wonderful necklaces.
What a great company! This was my second order, and I am more than satisfied! I would recommend this company to anyone. Great work you guys! Thanks :)
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