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Custom Name Guitar Pick Bracelet, Choose your State, Electric or Acoustic Guitar

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We cut your name, with your guitar, on a quarter with your state. This is a real US coin that we have cut and burnished into a guitar pick. We then sew the coin onto a leather bracelet.

Please let us know in your order comments:

If you would like an electric or acoustic guitar
The name you would cut
If you would like us to cut it on a specific state and if you would like it on the heads side or states (tails) side.

Our guitar picks are very unique. They are polished and burnished to be very smooth all around. As with all of our coins, they are cut by hand to provide you with the best possible quality. 

We sew the coin by hand onto a  bracelet. We have 3 bracelet options. They each have magnetic clasps. Look at the option picture to see which one you would like. Our #1 bracelet has an extender piece that goes in or out.

We now have new real silver quarters that are new and in mint condition! These are specialty coins that the mint has made for collectors that have never been in circulation. Our art is really enhanced by using these beautiful silver coins. You also can choose a specific state that has sentimental value. If you choose the silver state quarter option then there will be an uncharge.


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