The story of the awesomest Fathers Jewelry

We make the awesomest gifts for Dad. How?

The NameCoins team cut all the way through real Coins to make specially crafted Fathers necklaces from sons, daughters, and families. Depending on the need, we can take one coin and make from 1-4 individual pieces of art.


The real key

is the skilled and caring team of craftsmen. Tim is our Designer. Sherry, Brandon, Chase, Elisha, and Dru are the critical artists who help with refining a design before we can even begin the actual production. Handmade dad or dad and kids jewelry need to be strong, but still look good when worn, so we have to be careful with the proportions between the puzzle pieces, the hearts, or the negative and positive space that floats around the main focus. The result is a cherished reminder of love.

We do the actual work ourselves

here in the basement (aka "The Dungeon"). The finished product is attached to the order high quality stainless steel necklace or other available option, then lovingly packed to begin the journey to you, Charming Client.

We love and appreciate all of you for your interest in our totally awesome work.

Coins Sizes and Options