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Rock Climbing Leather Bracelet, Girl Rock Climber Jewelry by Namecoins

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This is a rock climbing design that has been cut by hand from a coin and then sewn by hand onto a fine leather bracelet. We carefully cut the rock face and the silhouette of a woman rock climber into this dime. The bracelet has magnetic clasps and is made from black and silver weaving.

One of our 6 member team will hand cut this dime and sew it onto your 7 inch bracelet. If you like our bracelet and hand cut coin ideas, check us out for more ideas at:


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Chris K.
Amazing Love your wrk N plan on buying more of them that's for sure!! :-)
Faith B.
Love! Got this as a Christmas present for me and my best friend who both love turtles. Perfect because we put them together and have two turtles. I recommend this to anyone other a best friend
Mariah M.
So awesome Bought this necklace for an anniversary gift. Super cute and they loved it. Fast shipping! Highly recommend.
Lisa B.
She lived it!! I purchased this for my sons fiancé enforce her birthday!! Turtles are her favorite animal and the quarter was the year they started dating!! It was everything I expected and more!!
Brandie W.
Awesome they were the perfect gift
Justin J.
loved it
Sophia R.
When I got my necklace, it was for me and my best friend, and I got it because I'll be going to college soon and I wanted a reminder of my home state of Missouri. The necklace turned out way better than expected! It's is perfect.
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