Wolf Bracelet, Fine Leather With magnetic clasp

Size Guide

This is an intricate wolf design that has been cut by hand from a coin and then sewn by hand onto a fine leather bracelet. These are 4 strand bracelets that are adjustable to a half inch. They are 8 inches long and are 7.5 inches long if you take away the inside extender piece. If you would like a smaller size bracelet, please feel free to message us. We are planning to have a smaller size option available very soon.

We use regular quarters or real silver quarters that were minted from 1964 and before. Just make your coin type selection in the options bar above. The coin pictured is a regular quarter.

We are a small team of six who work very hard to make sure you have the perfect gift! We really do cut our coins totally by hand. Check out the "about us" section and watch our video! If you have any questions or would like something custom then please let us know.

Take a look through our whole shop. We are just now starting to add leather bracelets to our product list and we are very excited about it. If you want something else on a bracelet- message us!

Learn more about our shop and process.

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Xzavion B.
Absolutely love it I really love this necklace, there is never really a moment when I don't have it on. And just like the other customers say is does feel premium, I am happy with with my purchase
Paul H.
Amazing Necklace I wear my necklace all the time it looks amazing.
Kevin H.
love it Wear it all the time!
Kevin H.
beautiful job! Bought the tiger and wolf pendants last year and loved them. Now I see they have a new wolf pendant available and am definitely looking forward to receiving this. Hoping it comes with the black cord though
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