Extraordinary Cut Coins

Hello! NameCoins is a family business that specializes in a very unique type of jewelry. Not only do we cut coins into hundreds of designs, we also love to help design and cut custom pieces!

First we take our ideas to our designer, then decide on the final draft. Then we drill holes into the coin (Look above at our tiny drill bits picture!!) We run our saw blade through the hole (Look at the saw's tiny teeth!), clamp the coin and cut away all by hand! We do not use cutting machines of any kind.



We try very hard to craft these to perfection, and you can see by our pictures how detailed and precise we are! We hope you enjoy looking at our pieces!

We have been cutting coins for 28 years at our shop in Branson MO. We are always looking for more and more ideas for unique pieces. It is our goal to provide something for everyone. We actually had thousands of designs built up over the years and are still in the process of getting them here on our website.