About Us

We are a Family Business
We have been crafting necklaces as a family for over 33 years. We love to create!  Our goal is to make something that just perfectly fits a person, their interests, or relationships. To achieve this level of customization takes a lot of care and work.
Here's our process!
Our Coins are cut totally by hand.  Hand cutting, takes time.
  Before we start actually cutting, we have to drill holes in the coin. 
Then we can get our blade through.
Sometimes we need to solder metal together for strength.
Making it shiny and remove scratches. 
For some of our products we carefully texturize the coin to get the hammered look...
(lol we hit it with a hammer)
Almost Done.
Ready For You!
Thank You for letting us have such a creative job!!!
Our Story-
"When I married my dear husband 35 years ago I never thought that we would be cutting coins for a living! He was a dental technician and I came from a family of artists. We started cutting coins from all over the world as a hobby. We cut the designs that were already there and made beautiful jewelry from them. While expecting our first of our three sons we started selling our jewelry in a craft park, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.  We made necklaces out of coins from most countries around the world. But then, someone asked us to draw something else into the coin and cut it. It was Mickey Mouse. We had never done anything like that before. We said no! But the customer said they trusted us and we should just try. It was almost a challenge!
So we did our best, and  it turned out so amazing! So we  started trying out new designs. This was a milestone in our life. As far as we know, we were the very first ones to draw and cut complex new designs into coins. Once we had that idea, the possibilities became endless. We cut famous teams, cartoon characters, names and designs that our customers gave us. We were in Silver Dollar City for 28 years when our internet business suddenly boomed overnight. We are only a small business and we couldn't do both with the same artistic quality. So, since 2013 we have only sold online and at art shows. We recently moved near Denver CO.  Now, we have more time to spend creating custom designs for our customers!  We pride ourselves on being perfectionists. If you have a design that you are thinking of, please let us know and we will do our very best to please you:)"
Thanks for loving our stuff,
Sherry and Tim and family