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All Cut By Hand!! Every detail of these crafted coins is truly hand cut by our team here in Missouri. We use no cutting machines of any kind. As you will see we can do just about anything!!! Get ideas and ask for something custom.


The Best Jewelry to Give on Woman Crush Monday

November 02, 2017

If you have a crush on a woman or girl, you should take advantage of Woman Crush Monday to express your affection towards her. This occasion is specially created for this purpose. It allows people to let their female crushes know their genuine feelings for them, usually through social media. In this case, a crush can be anyone from a romantic interest in a celebrity.  It is also possible to reveal your feelings to your crush in person and give her a gift to show your sincerity. If that is what you want to do, things often work best when you send her a beautiful jewelry item. Here is a look at the best jewelry to give on Woman Crush...

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Man Crush Monday Jewelry Gifts that He Will Love

November 01, 2017

Man Crush Monday is a special occasion that was recently created to provide an opportunity for people to reveal their crush on a man, who can be a close friend, colleague, schoolmate, acquaintance, stranger, or even a celebrity. Those who observe this occasion often post pictures of their crushes on social media networks. However, if you wish to let a particular male person know about your affection for him and get a response from him, you may want to go the extra mile by getting him a gift. Many items are suitable gifts for Man Crush Monday, ranging from fashion clothing items to jewelry pieces. Jewelry pieces are one of the most popular gift options for Man Crush Monday. Many...

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How to Pick the Best Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend

October 31, 2017

No matter the occasion, surprise your girlfriend with the best jewelry Every day can be a special day; it does not have to be her anniversary to find the opportunity to show your girlfriend that you are thinking about her. A piece of jewelry can reflect your affection and love. The present can be special if it comes from your heart and represents the occasion. You might want something to represent both of you, for both of you to wear, or you might be looking at something just for her. There is no need to spend a lot of money for her to be pleased. How to pick the best jewelry for her? Pay attention to her style. You want...

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How to Make Your Mark With Personalized Necklaces

October 30, 2017

Since we all can remember, people have shown their affection to one another using jewelry gifts. Depending on who you intend as the receiver of your gift, personalized jewelry is amazing because they show the person being given the gift of how special and loved they are. Below are examples of personalized necklaces for four relationship types:   Personalized necklaces for your mom To make a statement on your mom’s personalized necklace consider the following: Depending on her complexion, what color would look good on her, What material is suitable for her, one that she can wear every time and everywhere comfortably this means the material should be one that doesn’t cause skin irritation, If you can, measure your mom's...

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