The Best Jewelry to Give on Woman Crush Monday

If you have a crush on a woman or girl, you should take advantage of Woman Crush Monday to express your affection towards her. This occasion is specially created for this purpose. It allows people to let their female crushes know their genuine feelings for them, usually through social media. In this case, a crush can be anyone from a romantic interest in a celebrity.  It is also possible to reveal your feelings to your crush in person and give her a gift to show your sincerity.

If that is what you want to do, things often work best when you send her a beautiful jewelry item. Here is a look at the best jewelry to give on Woman Crush Monday.

Why Give Jewelry on Woman Crush Monday?

Most women want to look good, and they enjoy wearing jewelry to enhance their appearances. As such, jewelry is always an excellent choice when it comes to giving a gift to a woman. One great thing about giving jewelry is that there is a wide variety of jewelry items to express a broad range of emotions.

Depending on how close you are to your female crush, you can opt for a pure and simple jewelry item as a gesture of friendship or a romantic -themed jewelry piece to express your love for her. You can also get a customized jewelry piece to make Woman Crush Monday a more meaningful and memorable occasion for her. Another benefit of giving jewelry on Woman Crush Monday is that it will cause your female crush to remember you more often if she wears the jewelry item on a regular basis.

The Best Jewelry Items to Give Your Crush on Woman Crush Monday


A ring symbolizes eternal love, and it is a great gift for expressing affection on Woman Crush Monday. It is an especially suitable gift option if you want to be more straightforward about your intention to woo your female crush. If she happily accepts the gift, you will know you have a good chance of success. After all, people usually do not give or accept a ring as a token of friendship. It is also a good idea to give your crush a customized or engraved ring. Such a ring is unique and meaningful, and it shows that you care to go the extra mile to make her feel special.  

If you want to get an affordable yet durable custom ring for your crush on Woman Crush Monday, you should check out the incredible selection of rings that are available at NameCoins. This company is known for its high-quality engravings, which are highly scratch and fade-resistant.


When you want to establish either a platonic or romantic relationship with a crush, giving her a beautiful necklace on Woman Crush Monday can help you send the message of intent. Some necklaces depict interesting things such as animals and insects, sports figures or logos, music notes, cartoon characters, and others. These necklaces are excellent decorative accessories that enable their wearers to express their personal tastes and identities. They are appropriate gifts for starting a relationship or strengthening a friendship. 

For a romantic pursuit, you will do well with heart-shaped necklaces or other romantic-themed necklaces. You can also find necklaces that are specially created for Woman Crush Monday, such as the MCM/WCM set of necklaces at Each of these necklaces has a semi-circular pendant with a jigsaw-like edge, and they can fit together to form a quarter coin with the initials MCM and WCM on it.


A bracelet is also a suitable gift option for Woman Crush Monday. Giving your female crush a bracelet is a nice way to express your attraction to her without being too aggressive. It will show her that you are a sophisticated person with a high level of emotional maturity. If you want to be a little more expressive of your affection towards her, you can choose a bracelet that has a romantic-themed charm. Otherwise, you can impress her enough with a simple bracelet that suits her personality.

There are beautiful bracelets at NameCoins that you should check out. Some examples of these bracelets include “Music Note” bracelets, “Horse” bracelets, “Best Friends Turtle” bracelets, “I Love You” bracelets, “Buck and Doe” bracelets, and others. If you want to make a deeper impression on your crush, you can engrave your name or a personal message on the back of the bracelet’s charm.

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