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November 02, 2017

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The Best Jewelry to Give on Woman Crush Monday

If you have a crush on a woman or girl, you should take advantage of Woman Crush Monday to express your affection towards her. This occasion is specially created for this purpose. It allows people to let their female crushes know their genuine feelings for them, usually through social media. In this case, a crush can be anyone from a romantic interest in a celebrity.  It is also possible to reveal your feelings to your crush in person and give her a gift to show your sincerity.

If that is what you want to do, things often work best when you send her a beautiful jewelry item. Here is a look at the best jewelry to give on Woman Crush Monday.

Why Give Jewelry on Woman Crush Monday?

Most women want to look good, and they enjoy wearing jewelry to enhance their appearances. As such, jewelry is always an excellent choice when it comes to giving a gift to a woman. One great thing about giving jewelry is that there is a wide variety of jewelry items to express a broad range of emotions.

Depending on how close you are to your female crush, you can opt for a pure and simple jewelry item as a gesture of friendship or a romantic -themed jewelry piece to express your love for her. You can also get a customized jewelry piece to make Woman Crush Monday a more meaningful and memorable occasion for her. Another benefit of giving jewelry on Woman Crush Monday is that it will cause your female crush to remember you more often if she wears the jewelry item on a regular basis.

The Best Jewelry Items to Give Your Crush on Woman Crush Monday


A ring symbolizes eternal love, and it is a great gift for expressing affection on Woman Crush Monday. It is an especially suitable gift option if you want to be more straightforward about your intention to woo your female crush. If she happily accepts the gift, you will know you have a good chance of success. After all, people usually do not give or accept a ring as a token of friendship. It is also a good idea to give your crush a customized or engraved ring. Such a ring is unique and meaningful, and it shows that you care to go the extra mile to make her feel special.  

If you want to get an affordable yet durable custom ring for your crush on Woman Crush Monday, you should check out the incredible selection of rings that are available at NameCoins. This company is known for its high-quality engravings, which are highly scratch and fade-resistant.


When you want to establish either a platonic or romantic relationship with a crush, giving her a beautiful necklace on Woman Crush Monday can help you send the message of intent. Some necklaces depict interesting things such as animals and insects, sports figures or logos, music notes, cartoon characters, and others. These necklaces are excellent decorative accessories that enable their wearers to express their personal tastes and identities. They are appropriate gifts for starting a relationship or strengthening a friendship. 

For a romantic pursuit, you will do well with heart-shaped necklaces or other romantic-themed necklaces. You can also find necklaces that are specially created for Woman Crush Monday, such as the MCM/WCM set of necklaces at Each of these necklaces has a semi-circular pendant with a jigsaw-like edge, and they can fit together to form a quarter coin with the initials MCM and WCM on it.


A bracelet is also a suitable gift option for Woman Crush Monday. Giving your female crush a bracelet is a nice way to express your attraction to her without being too aggressive. It will show her that you are a sophisticated person with a high level of emotional maturity. If you want to be a little more expressive of your affection towards her, you can choose a bracelet that has a romantic-themed charm. Otherwise, you can impress her enough with a simple bracelet that suits her personality.

There are beautiful bracelets at NameCoins that you should check out. Some examples of these bracelets include “Music Note” bracelets, “Horse” bracelets, “Best Friends Turtle” bracelets, “I Love You” bracelets, “Buck and Doe” bracelets, and others. If you want to make a deeper impression on your crush, you can engrave your name or a personal message on the back of the bracelet’s charm.

If you wish to give your female crush the best jewelry item on Woman Crush Monday, you can get many ideas from All the jewelry pieces offered on this website are made of high-quality materials that can last a long time and their designs are unique and appealing.

November 01, 2017

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Man Crush Monday Jewelry Gifts that He Will Love

Man Crush Monday is a special occasion that was recently created to provide an opportunity for people to reveal their crush on a man, who can be a close friend, colleague, schoolmate, acquaintance, stranger, or even a celebrity. Those who observe this occasion often post pictures of their crushes on social media networks. However, if you wish to let a particular male person know about your affection for him and get a response from him, you may want to go the extra mile by getting him a gift.

Many items are suitable gifts for Man Crush Monday, ranging from fashion clothing items to jewelry pieces. Jewelry pieces are one of the most popular gift options for Man Crush Monday. Many men like and wear jewelry, as such they would be flattered when someone surprises them with a Man Crush Monday themed piece of jewelry. Here is a look at some Man Crush Monday jewelry gifts that men would certainly love.


Why Give Jewelry Gifts on Man Crush Monday?

Jewelry pieces are appropriate gift items for expressing appreciation, admiration, and love to the people you wish to build a good relationship with. They are useful and durable items that can be worn on a daily basis, and therefore, they will always remind your crush of your existence. They are neither overly intimate nor are they by any chance meaningless, making them the perfect gifts for any relationship type – from friendship to romantic relationships.

Jewelry gifts also come in many different forms and designs, which give you an opportunity to impress your male crush with your ability to express yourself creatively through gift giving. If you want to make a deeper impression on your crush on Man Crush Monday, you may want to consider giving him a custom or engraved jewelry piece. Custom engraved jewelry is unique and meaningful, and it is an excellent gift for creating a special bond with someone you like.


Man Crush Monday Jewelry Gifts that He Will Love


Necklaces are one of the favorite types of jewelry among men. They are appropriate items for expressing a fashion sense and asserting personal identity, and they also have great sentimental value to those wearing them. If your male crush is not someone who is very close, it is more appropriate to give him a necklace that is less expressive or one that represents something he likes, such as automobiles, animals, famous characters, sports, or others. Giving such a necklace is a nice gesture, and it is often an excellent way to start a personal relationship.

On the other hand, if you think that your relationship with your crush is at a point where it can go beyond platonic, you can opt for something that can express your feelings clearly. One of the best necklaces for this purpose is the MCM and WCM heart necklaces found on Namecoins’ website. Often comprising of two chains, one for Man Crush Monday and another for Woman Crush Monday. Each necklace has a semi-circular pendant, and the pendants can be fitted together like jigsaw pieces to form a quarter. This set of chains is also a suitable gift for someone who is already a romantic partner or spouse.


Rings are another type of jewelry items widely used as Man Crush Monday gifts. While there are not many rings specifically designed for Man Crush Monday, it is possible to customize rings as gifts for the occasion. One of the best ways to personalize a ring is to have it engraved with a name or private message. Giving your male crush an engraved ring is an excellent way to let him know how you feel towards him. Depending on the type of relationship you wish to establish with your crush, the ring can be engraved with a simple name, initials, or a more intimate message.


If you have a crush on a man who dresses in the executive style frequently, you will not go wrong with cufflinks. Cufflinks are fine jewelry items for an executive who wishes to add a unique touch to his clothes, especially if they can reflect his personal identity. To ensure that your crush will appreciate the cufflinks you give to him, you should choose a pair that suits his personality. At, you can find some great-looking cufflinks that can serve as excellent Man Crush Monday gifts, including “Compass” cufflinks, “Doctor” cufflinks, “Octopus” cufflinks, “Psychology” cufflinks, and others.

Now that you know how to get Man Crush Monday jewelry gifts that your male crush will love, you can check out the full collection of men’s jewelry items at to find the one jewelry item that will express your feelings appropriately.  Who knows? Maybe he has a crush on you as well.

October 31, 2017

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How to Pick the Best Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend

No matter the occasion, surprise your girlfriend with the best jewelry

Every day can be a special day; it does not have to be her anniversary to find the opportunity to show your girlfriend that you are thinking about her. A piece of jewelry can reflect your affection and love. The present can be special if it comes from your heart and represents the occasion. You might want something to represent both of you, for both of you to wear, or you might be looking at something just for her. There is no need to spend a lot of money for her to be pleased.

How to pick the best jewelry for her?

Pay attention to her style. You want to be sure that she likes the gift so that you might be looking at something classic and discreet, or you might be looking at something full of color. If you are not sure what exactly she would prefer, then you are for sure going for something subtle. Maybe she is an art lover, or maybe she hand-crafts pieces of jewelry or is interested in such things.

If you do not intend on proposing, buy your girlfriend something else rather than a ring. Jewelry works perfect for almost all occasions, but if we are talking about a present or an anniversary, a ring would not necessarily be the ideal present. You might be thinking that rings are unique and precious and of course perfect for her, but you can go for a necklace instead. It has the same impact on her.

Giving a gift can make your girlfriend feel special, especially if you are giving her one of the custom cut jewels you will find on

Even if you still want to give her a ring as a present, you can engrave it with something special, and you can also choose from a variety of models.

Find out what she is into, for you to choose the perfect model and the ideal piece of jewelry. On the website, you can choose from a variety of pieces, from rings to necklaces and from a variety of topics, maybe she loves animals. Then the perfect gift would be a necklace with her favorite animal, a wolf, a lion, or even a cat engraved on the piece. If she is into music and plays an instrument, you can embed music notes, guitars, drums, or even a saxophone. They have a variety of models, for people passionate about dance, theater, music, sport, or you can even go for western-like necklaces. This way, you are showing your girlfriend that you are paying attention to her needs and interests.

You can go for a couple’s piece of jewelry, to show her your involvement:

Every girl is at least a little bit passionate about a piece of jewelry. Something that she can wear every day and on any occasion. You should look for something classy and straightforward that reflects what you both love. A necklace that represents an inside joke, a shared passion, or even your names, might be just what you are looking for. Couple’s neck chains reflect your interests and her as well, so it would make the perfect candidate for a present.

Something that has a deeper meaning should be an excellent choice. If you or your girlfriend is interested in such things, you should choose to buy two pieces of the puzzle on two necklaces. One for you and one for her. It means that you are perfect for each other and that together you are part of a bigger and more beautiful picture. This kind of present is perfect for her, no matter her style and also perfect for you, no matter what kind of personality you have. If she prefers bracelets rather than necklaces, she can also switch the piece of jewelry to a bracelet, so that she could wear it anytime.

If you are not sure of her interests, look at her collection, or ask a close friend of your girlfriend. Maybe she loves playing guitar, but she is sometimes too busy to do it. You should go for a guitar pick on a necklace, to remind her that her passion is as important as anything else.

How can I order the best jewelry gift for my girlfriend?

When you finally decide on what jewelry gift to pick for your girl, you should visit to take a quick look around. The people who own the business handcraft the jewelry depending on your choice and deliver it to you in a matter of days. So, no more waiting for your order to arrive and no more hours spent shopping for the perfect jewelry gift. The best gift for your girlfriend is just one click away!



October 30, 2017

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How to Make Your Mark With Personalized Necklaces

Since we all can remember, people have shown their affection to one another using jewelry gifts. Depending on who you intend as the receiver of your gift, personalized jewelry is amazing because they show the person being given the gift of how special and loved they are.

Below are examples of personalized necklaces for four relationship types:


Personalized necklaces for your mom

To make a statement on your mom’s personalized necklace consider the following:

  • Depending on her complexion, what color would look good on her,
  • What material is suitable for her, one that she can wear every time and everywhere comfortably this means the material should be one that doesn’t cause skin irritation,
  • If you can, measure your mom's neck girth, so that the necklace should fit perfectly,
  • Your mom’s name and birth date may be used to personalize the necklace,
  • What does she love most, what is it that could melt her heart when she sees on the piece,
  • How much money do you intend to use,
  • What chain would you love to use, try making sure it is stainless,
  • Where do you want to buy the piece from?


Examples of personalized necklaces at Namecoin:

Mothers necklace personalized handmade jewelry, made from either half dollar or silver coin with personalized initials placed on each side. Several options allow you to choose the size you want and whether you want to use key chains or to go with black cord. The good news is that the piece is comfortable to wear and unique.

Single mom and dad family of 4 necklaces, made from a Morgan silver dollar with the four pieces fitting in perfectly you have the option of choosing the initials you so want.

Personalized jewelry for the entire family

Notice that these necklaces can be worn by the whole family, remember every member of the family is equally important and can be given their personal gifts to show them affection, trust, as a sign of unity, among other family virtues. Get to know what every member of your family loves, the material you would want to use that is comfortable to wear, the budget in place for this particular gift. You can use personalized interlocking pieces.

Examples at Namecoin include:

Puzzle piece family necklace this is said to be the coolest puzzle piece ever with six pieces perfectly fitting together, and the initials come cut in. It is made from half a dollar and it being an interlocking type is meant to show unity among people especially the family. Every time you look at the piece you have you remember your people. You have the option to choose the initials you would want, and it is cut for you.

16 silver jigsaw puzzle pieces it is made from 4 silver dollars cut to the required initials by the client. It’s a puzzle that fits in perfectly interlocking and is suitable for family or wedding parties.

Personalized necklace for you

You don’t have to wait to be given the gift you can as well treat yourself. This would be easy to find because you know what you love, the budget of the necklace you intend to buy, the material that you would like to use for the necklace. Remember it’s important to consider self-love and celebrate your achieved milestone every so often ensure you use the above factors to make a mark on your gift for you.

Custom basketball necklace with your jersey number if you are into sports and say you specifically love basketball you could buy this piece for yourself. It perfectly represents your team or better yet your love for the game. It can be made to your specifications.

Name necklace in the shape of a heart, if your name contains seven letters or more, then this would be perfect for you and at Namecoin they use completely stainless steel chains. When you see the piece, it shows you how committed and the love we give to deliver you the best personalized gift.

Personalized necklaces are very common and trendy on our televisions today with almost all famous celebrities wearing them. They are a reminder of love, and depending on the piece, they send other kinds of messages to the public. With technological growth, everyone can research for a perfect piece online. There are many jewel stores but Namecoin stands out because we emphasize on the uniqueness of the product we deliver, we don’t use machines to make them rather our jewelers only craft them according to your desired specifications. The necklaces are also reasonably priced, and everyone can get a great piece for their loved ones or themselves. We deliver the perfect products on time.

October 29, 2017

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How To Make Lasting Relationships With Engraved Necklaces

Words are overrated!  It is not enough to say that you love him or her.  Put a little more emphasis into the whole deal, make for them a piece of jewelry that they will treasure for as long as they live.  When you give a special person a special gift like a necklace, it’s as hard to throw it away as it is to forget that you exist in their lives.

Go an extra mile and have the necklace engraved.  You are almost at that point where you are in their night as well as daydreams.  This will be the first step toward putting a seal in their hearts, and that they know no matter the season, you care for them.

You are almost there, go a notch higher and have that necklace not only engraved but on a particular kind of material that will last long and not wear out so fast.  Let it be hand cut on a coin, as if that is not enough, let Namecoins custom make an interlocking necklace just for you.  This is a two piece necklace that when put together, fit perfectly.  Give one piece to your special someone and remain with one piece.  Need I say more?


Say it with an engraved necklace to:



Your family in any capacity, be it sons, daughters or grandkids, all are equally important to you.  You may not have enough vocabulary to express it in words that will leave a mark in their hearts forever.

The best way to do this would be to gift them with a unique necklace, be it whole or interlocking; an engraved necklace is worth a thousand words.  Namecoins will do it to your specifications. If you want to give an engraved necklace with a basketball or soccer ball and a jersey number, to that particular son or daughter, this is how you do it.

They will always treasure this piece of fine jewelry even in their later days as grownups.  Do not undermine the impact of a unique necklace with their favorite animal or bird or sports item engraved on it.  You have just bought yourself endless love from your child.

Many times we hear or see and hand over precious necklaces, a couple of hundred years old that belonged to a great grandmother or great aunt.  You could also start a tradition by getting a uniquely design engraved necklace that is bound to stay within the family for generations.  You only need to give it to your son’s wife or your daughter, and you can be sure that it will be passed on to their posterity.

Best friends and spouses

Your best friend or your spouse stands with you through thick and thin, and it’s only fair if they got a special kind of jewelry to remind them of this soul tie every time they look at that beautiful necklace. 

With spouses, you could go all romantic and get them a super elegant engraved interlocking necklace with a heart or their initials engraved on one side and theirs on the side. You can also get an interlocking neck chain with two sides of their favorite animal or bird.  Your gesture will go with them wherever and your memory will be engraved on them forever.

Group membership

We all have groups, formal and non-formal, which we belong to.  These groups always have shared interests and work together to accomplish certain goals and objectives.  It could be a sports group, a reading club or such a group with close-knit members who hold each other in high esteem.

If such a group could identify itself with special engraved necklaces, deliberately and intentionally made to suit its goal, they would feel much closer than if they just had jerseys or another piece of clothing they wear as particular kind of ‘uniform code.’

If they love animals, birds or sports, they can identify one type of any of these and have it engraved by Namecoins into a five or more-piece puzzle necklace.  This image will be etched on a coin with meticulous detail, and the finished product will awe them.  They will want to identify with the group at any time proudly, and nothing will make them forget they were ever members.

Special occasions

We often get stranded wondering what kind of gift we will offer to the bride, groom, kids who are celebrating anniversaries, that one particular teacher who works so well with your children or any other kinds of celebrations. 

Well, worry no more.  Namecoins is just the place to pop in for those specially engraved necklaces that speak volumes and will keep you treasured in the hearts of the recipient.


Be it a spouse, best friend, sibling, child or any other special person in your life, with a custom made engraved necklace, you can never go wrong.

September 10, 2017

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How the Buck and Doe Jewelry Can Rekindle Your Relationship

Several years into the marriage, and you feel the need to rekindle your relationship now more than you ever did before? One thing is for sure. You need to find a unique way of doing that; you need to come up with an amazing idea that will rekindle the spark you feel starting to fade away slowly.

The simplest things are often the most beautiful

You will have probably thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a sophisticated gift, but what better way of doing that than thinking of a significant yet straightforward thing that will mean so much to the both of you? Buck and Doe Jewelry should reconnect you and your partner as it has done for many other couples.

Jewelry has the power to bring a smile on people’s faces, and you will also give yourself a fantastic present as a symbol of what you share together. It will remind you how it’s the simple things in life that matter. Money can buy you a lot of expensive things, but only a few of those gifts stand meaningfully in future time. You can spend money on a beautiful piece of clothing, or a timepiece, but to rekindle your relationship, you do not require any object that is apparently nice looking. Most of the time, people look for the meaning behind the present.

The best presents are the ones that include both of you

You have probably wondered what the best way of reconnecting you and your partner would be. A present that’s not inclusive does not necessarily mean your relationship is heading the wrong direction; It could just say that you are now considering your partner’s needs, and you have been giving them some thought.

These kinds of presents are one way of showing your partner that their needs are as important as yours.

Psychologists say that cultivation of common interests is one of the most important things in a relationship. Even if you do not have many common interests, you can cultivate and develop them. Sharing your interests with your partner will also help in achieving your goal and will bring you closer.

One of the ideas of starting this journey would be for you to visit the best website which reconnects people, in a sweet way. is the jewelry company that not only designs the buck and doe’s jewelry but creates its handcrafted products, meant to satisfy the customer’s needs. They also deliver your order fast, because everyone knows that time is one the most important things. What better way to show your affection than an amazing present? It will prove to your partner that you are constantly thinking about them.

Using the “we” word will create a bond in the relationship

It has been demonstrated that using “we,” when you’re referring to you and your partner, brings couples closer, even when you are having an argument. But there are many other ways of saying this word, even when you are not parting your lips to pronounce them. The best way of doing this is by buying the perfect present that speaks out the word “we” louder and clearer than actually saying it. The Buck and Doe Jewelry from Namecoins represents a gift that emphasizes the affection and the love.

Art serves as a universal language

Art has the power of maintaining conversations, no matter the places we come from and the perspectives we have. Art is beneath the surfaces, beneath the principles and helps us create bonds and rekindle our relationships. The art crafted by the Namecoins Company lives up to its potential, by handcrafting some fantastic “wearable art.” Unique. That is the word that describes the products.

Being romantic is displayed in so many ways, and once you have shown it once, you can as well do it again, this time to maybe rekindle your relationship. One of those gifts will show your partner how you two are on the same team and you will not only prove yourself but also to them that you’re making an effort.

Just think of something that means a lot to you and engrave it on two pieces of Buck and Doe Jewelry. Maybe something your partner has been talking about lately, or maybe something you are both interested in. You and your partner will be reminded every day just how lucky you are you have each other. And those unique pieces of art will also attract your friends’ attention and admiration.

How can I order the jewelry?

The jewelry can be ordered by accessing their website directly and getting in contact with the people who handcraft the pieces. Just type in Namecoins, and you will instantly see the coins and models used for creating the jewelry. You can also customize the pieces, by adding your personal information.

September 09, 2017

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How Engraved Jewelry Could Save Your Relationship

Jewelry has become a favorite gift for anniversaries, reunions, and a host of other celebratory situations, in particular for people in relationships. Jewelry gifts make people feel appreciated, valued, and loved. These feelings are best expressed when the gifts come from significant others. If there existed a thoughtfulness scale, there wouldn’t be a more thoughtful and extraordinary gift than custom, engraved jewelry.

Customization adds a level of depth and consideration to the gift and makes the receiver see that the giver put real thought, care, and time into it; this is one of the ways engraved jewelry could save your relationship.


Communication is Key

We’ve all heard this, “Good communication skills are the key to a lasting relationship.” As such, any partnership that has an effective way of communicating their thoughts and feelings is more likely to make it in the long run, compared to than one that doesn’t. For a relationship to work, it’s important to be good at talking to your partner and also to be good at listening to them.

A gift in the form of a personalized, custom piece of jewelry can show your partner that you’re good at just that. For example, if your partner talks about how proud they are of their career, getting a piece of jewelry that has a symbol related to what they do, shows that you’re listening and are in sync with them. Or, if your significant other is a big fan of music, getting them a necklace with music notes or their favorite instrument on it shows them that you’re paying attention and noticing their passions.


Interlock Your Relationship

A lot of customized jewelry now offers interlocking, matching options for couples, friends, and families. Namecoins, a family-owned business that specializes in custom jewelry, offers a wide variety of designs and styles for pieces of jewelry that are cut from the same coin and interlock. Not only are these jewelry pieces a beautiful addition to any outfit, but they also symbolize a deep interconnectedness between the people that have the interlocking parts. Whether this is in the form of puzzle pieces that fit together, hearts that connect, hands that interlock, or one of the many other designs and styles that Namecoins offers, interlocking jewelry is an excellent way to feel connected to your significant other all the time.


Interlocking coin pendants are an especially meaningful gift idea when the sides of a couple are in a long distance relationship. It serves as a reminder that no matter how far the two may be apart regarding miles, they’re always interconnected through the matching jewelry.


Connect Through Interests

Most, if not all, couples find that they can connect through similar interests, hobbies, and activities. With Namecoins, you can find a wide variety of custom jewelry designs that have themes to can fit these interests. If you and your partner love playing or watching sports together, matching necklaces with symbols sports symbols is a very thoughtful gift idea. If you two are both interested in hunting or fishing, Namecoins offers interlocking designs with these themes that will make you feel a strong connection to your partner. They also offer the addition of more personalized touches, like initials, to make the gift feel even more unique and extraordinary.


Shared Experiences

Gifts of customized jewelry are an excellent way to commemorate some experience that you and your partner share. For example, if you two went on a special vacation together, getting custom necklaces with some symbol of the destination is an excellent way to remind you of the exceptional experience. Or if you two met while going to school, getting matching necklaces with a symbol that represents the school is a beautiful reminder of how you two came together as a couple.


These are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry by themselves; they’re a way to remember and celebrate the bond you and your partner have.


Some Last Words

Gifts for reunions, anniversaries, and other special occasions are a great way to show how well you know your significant other, and how much you care about them. Needless to say, it’s important to put some real thought and work into finding the right way to express your love in gift form. Jewelry is a classic go-to gift idea for your significant other and has been for generations.


This type of gift can make someone feel special in the gift giver’s eyes- and engraved, customized jewelry can increase this effect. Namecoins allows you to give very thoughtful, unique, and beautiful gifts that will be sure to make your significant other feel very valued. The very personal touches you can add to these gifts are sure to make you and your partner feel a very particular connection by wearing them. With the help of Namecoins, you can pick custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that will make you always feel very close and connected to your significant other!

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