Man Crush Monday Jewelry Gifts that He Will Love

Man Crush Monday is a special occasion that was recently created to provide an opportunity for people to reveal their crush on a man, who can be a close friend, colleague, schoolmate, acquaintance, stranger, or even a celebrity. Those who observe this occasion often post pictures of their crushes on social media networks. However, if you wish to let a particular male person know about your affection for him and get a response from him, you may want to go the extra mile by getting him a gift.

Many items are suitable gifts for Man Crush Monday, ranging from fashion clothing items to jewelry pieces. Jewelry pieces are one of the most popular gift options for Man Crush Monday. Many men like and wear jewelry, as such they would be flattered when someone surprises them with a Man Crush Monday themed piece of jewelry. Here is a look at some Man Crush Monday jewelry gifts that men would certainly love.


Why Give Jewelry Gifts on Man Crush Monday?

Jewelry pieces are appropriate gift items for expressing appreciation, admiration, and love to the people you wish to build a good relationship with. They are useful and durable items that can be worn on a daily basis, and therefore, they will always remind your crush of your existence. They are neither overly intimate nor are they by any chance meaningless, making them the perfect gifts for any relationship type – from friendship to romantic relationships.

Jewelry gifts also come in many different forms and designs, which give you an opportunity to impress your male crush with your ability to express yourself creatively through gift giving. If you want to make a deeper impression on your crush on Man Crush Monday, you may want to consider giving him a custom or engraved jewelry piece. Custom engraved jewelry is unique and meaningful, and it is an excellent gift for creating a special bond with someone you like.


Man Crush Monday Jewelry Gifts that He Will Love


Necklaces are one of the favorite types of jewelry among men. They are appropriate items for expressing a fashion sense and asserting personal identity, and they also have great sentimental value to those wearing them. If your male crush is not someone who is very close, it is more appropriate to give him a necklace that is less expressive or one that represents something he likes, such as automobiles, animals, famous characters, sports, or others. Giving such a necklace is a nice gesture, and it is often an excellent way to start a personal relationship.

On the other hand, if you think that your relationship with your crush is at a point where it can go beyond platonic, you can opt for something that can express your feelings clearly. One of the best necklaces for this purpose is the MCM and WCM heart necklaces found on Namecoins’ website. Often comprising of two chains, one for Man Crush Monday and another for Woman Crush Monday. Each necklace has a semi-circular pendant, and the pendants can be fitted together like jigsaw pieces to form a quarter. This set of chains is also a suitable gift for someone who is already a romantic partner or spouse.


Rings are another type of jewelry items widely used as Man Crush Monday gifts. While there are not many rings specifically designed for Man Crush Monday, it is possible to customize rings as gifts for the occasion. One of the best ways to personalize a ring is to have it engraved with a name or private message. Giving your male crush an engraved ring is an excellent way to let him know how you feel towards him. Depending on the type of relationship you wish to establish with your crush, the ring can be engraved with a simple name, initials, or a more intimate message.


If you have a crush on a man who dresses in the executive style frequently, you will not go wrong with cufflinks. Cufflinks are fine jewelry items for an executive who wishes to add a unique touch to his clothes, especially if they can reflect his personal identity. To ensure that your crush will appreciate the cufflinks you give to him, you should choose a pair that suits his personality. At, you can find some great-looking cufflinks that can serve as excellent Man Crush Monday gifts, including “Compass” cufflinks, “Doctor” cufflinks, “Octopus” cufflinks, “Psychology” cufflinks, and others.

Now that you know how to get Man Crush Monday jewelry gifts that your male crush will love, you can check out the full collection of men’s jewelry items at to find the one jewelry item that will express your feelings appropriately.  Who knows? Maybe he has a crush on you as well.