How To Stand Out As Stylish


So you want feel good as you walk down the street?  Maybe turn a few heads and get a few glances. The first and absolutely most important step before we get into any of this is, confidence. You gotta have it. Beyonce could walk around in a garbage bag and look good. Why? Because she's confident! If you don't think you look good, other people won"t either.

Finding Your Style

Aesthetics. A popular word now-a-days. It's an important thing to have if you want to look stylish. It's not about looking new, metro, or trendy. It's just about finding a genre that fits you and owning it.
Do you like coffee houses and books?  Maybe you're a hipster with beanies and fake glasses.
Maybe you like a modern sleek look, white shoes and leather jackets.
An exotic bohemian style perhaps?
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Or maybe just a cute artsy vintage look is more for you-

Creating a Budget

People don't really think about this as much but its very important,  not just for your financial stability but for the sake of your style!  What if you get a nice sweater maybe a hat, and a belt, and you run out of money!  Now you have half of an outfit, and what if you have no shoes or pants to match???? The horror!

Sprucing It Up

My last point, is accessories. A very important one. Accessories tie an outfit together, they complete it.  Make it look classy and elegant. They're also really the easiest to find and possibly the cheapest part of an outfit!  Do not forget to accessorize!!
It could be earrings, bracelets, a ring, midi rings, necklaces(if you wear more than one necklace at a time make sure they are dainty and in cascading length), anything really.
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