5 Custom Personalized Jewellery That Stands Out In Crowds

Ever stepped out of your house into a weekend social, engagement party, wedding celebration or just walking along the road, and counted how many people had a necklace like yours?  That doesn’t feel any good, does it?

In a world full of commonality, a lot of people are now looking for uniqueness. A reason to stand out from among the crowds.

You can now don special, personalized jewelry made from coins and other unique material. From necklaces to key chains, many are spoilt for choice with many designs, uniquely and deliberately made for you and to your taste and specification.

By using coins and a specialized saw, a single coin is cut into designs that are simply amazing. It could be a sports jersey number that you want to be engraved on your necklace, a particular animal that you love, an image that you like seeing often or the name of that special someone whose memory you hold dear.

Below are 5 of the many custom designs that will make you stand out.

1.  Animals    

These handcrafted and meticulously cut necklaces bare the image of a particular animal, be it a horse, lion, a fox, wolf and many others.  Set to look like a puzzle, you will get the cut coin with two like animals interlocking seamlessly.  They are cut from the same coin, which when put together, fits perfectly.

With a set of an interlocking necklace, you can give one side to your beloved and remain with one set.  Amazingly cool!

Available also in this category are birds, butterflies and much more.

2.  Musical symbols and instruments

You will have your favorite music instruments engraved or cut out on a coin.  From guitar designed necklaces to most any instrument, you can have musical instruments custom designed just for you. 

Musical notes also fall into this group.  You could have interlocking sets of necklaces made into the design of a musical note or instrument.  This is not just for the musically wired but for everyone who fancies musical instruments even from afar.

3. Sports designs

We are in a season where games have become part and parcel of our daily lives.  We get to pick a team and their most valuable players, or you could be a player yourself.  Stand out with a cool customized necklace of a ball with yours or your favorite player’s jersey number.

Namecoins has unearthed these sports categories for athletes and fans alike, who are looking for something different from the usual monotonous jewelry.   They have made sure that you stand out among your peers or fans.  Going along with your hobbies and interests and taste to make sure you get your specific piece of Jewellery. Sports balls, rock jumping, rodeo, motorized sports, you will be spoilt for choice. 

4.  Name rings

Get beautiful rings engraved with the names you want and the image of your choice.  Done meticulously to a superb finish, with even the date you want.  These rings are made from silver, titanium and stainless steel.  Glittering with perfection to show off skilled hands that work to an end to keep the customer coming back for more.

Your ring of choice could have two names and an image of anything from a bear to a butterfly.  Did I mention that you can have a name and an image of running wolves?  Namecoins leave no stone unturned when it comes to customizing your choice.

5.  Name coins

Your keychain or necklace which contains your name, initials, favorite animal or sport, you name it, you got it!  It’s an endless possibility of designs.  If you would like to have your design scripted with fancy scripts, or any image, Namecoins will do it for you.

In this particular design, you may order an interlocking set of 3-piece puzzle necklaces.  Remember the ‘I love you’ sign in ASL.  That could be your choice too.  You can also get baby feet designs, best friend necklaces, heart engraves and so much more.


In a world that has exhausted all designs in Jewellery (or so we think), it’s time to give yourself an invaluable treat of that interlocking necklace, that 3-piece puzzle necklace, that excellent basketball design with your favorite jersey number or that ring with the name of that particular person.

Unique custom designed Jewellery that makes you stand out from among the crowd.  Go a notch higher from the norm and get Namecoins to create for you Jewellery in line with your hobby, sport, favorite animal, names of loved ones and much more. You can order by just sending us a message.