7 Unique Friendship Gifts for Bonds That Last Forever

Has your friend stood by you through thick and thin? Have you known each other practically forever – or it feels like that anyway – and you never want that bond to break? Nothing shows your friend that you care as much as a thoughtful gift – one that caters to their personality, interests, and tastes. Finding the right gift isn’t an easy task, of course, even if you know your friend very well. Your friend may not like what you buy, for another. In worst case scenarios, they may already own something like what you bought them.

To help you out, here are seven friendship gift ideas that will let you pick out something unique and reinforce your already strong bond:

For a friend who loves music ($50+)

Does your friend belt out their favorite tunes all day? If your friend loves music, the best gift you can give them is a concert ticket to see their favorite artist perform. Not only will a concert ticket to see a musician they admire make them ecstatic, but you’ll also get to go along for the ride and share in their happiness. Nothing can beat the vibrant, alive atmosphere at a live concert – you’ll be treating your friend to an experience they’ll never forget.

For someone who already has everything (Free)

So, your friend already owns everything under the sun. Either that or they are not really into material things. How do you get a gift for someone who already seems to have everything they could want or need? Rather than giving them material gifts, you could give them your time instead. You could volunteer to help around the house, watch their kids (or pets) while they go out or just lend a helping hand to a task they’ve been putting off for a long time – they’ll love you for it. 

For a friend who loves adventures ($5+ per month)

If your friend loves adventuring, the best way to make them happy is to buy them a season pass to a local roller coaster park. What’s more exciting than spending a fun-filled day riding roller coasters, go-karts and thrill rides? Season passes often come with amazing perks that regular ticket holders don't get – including first go on new rides, discounts at local stores and restaurants, and the ability to get a friend along for free on certain dates.



For a friend that’s a fitness freak ($10-35 per class)

The best way to support a friend who loves to take care of their body is to sign them up for a fitness class. If you think that’s not unique enough, you could sign them up for one of the newest fads going around.

For someone who loves to be pampered (100$+)

Is your friend a bit of a luxury loving princess? You could buy them a skin-care treatment at their favorite spa. There are some pretty unique treatments available these days in spas. For example, some popular resorts have taken to using stretch therapy, Swedish massage from Posh, and even Indian-style Ayurveda to stir things up a little. Not only are these treatments invigorating, but most people have never experienced them before. 

For a BFF who carries a piece of your heart ($29.99+)

Sometimes you love someone so much that you want to leave a piece of your heart with them, to watch over them wherever they go. While you can’t quite do that, the folks over at Namecoins have handcrafted something special that just might be what you’re looking for. They create interlocking, uniquely-patterned cut coin necklaces that are one of a kind and pretty spectacular to behold.

These necklaces can be separated into two (or more) beautiful pieces, one of which you can give to your friend. When you reunite, you can fit the jewelry back together into one seamless whole- just like your hearts. There are a ton of designs to choose from, meeting all kinds of personalities and preferences.

Real gift giving is more than just simple material exchange – it’s a show of appreciation to your friend and a reiteration of the commitment you want to last forever.