From Coin to Jewelry: How Namecoins Gifts Are Crafted

Jewelry is one of most precious items that everybody would wish to have, but too few people know how jewelry comes to be. Manufacturing jewelry is not a walk in the park. It is a very tedious yet exciting process that involves not only the technical skills but also thorough research and marketing skills. With many different designs available in the market, jewelry manufacturers go through a series of tough tasks before coming up with the actual product.

Namecoins is a custom jewelry manufacturing company with over 28 years of operation. Ask the manager; he will tell you how the jewelry making process is one that requires a high level of skill and determination.

“but nothing comes on a silver platter, through our esteemed staff and customers, we always conduct aggressive market research in which we can identify what our customers really want, then we make it for them.”

Product research

The jewelry making process begins with first identifying the customers’ needs and desires; then it culminates into the skillful tailoring it to fit into their exact specification. Research must not only focus on the identification of what the customer needs, but also on how the customer wants it to look. “Failing to meet the expectations of the client would result in a total waste of material and time because customers will certainly not buy the jewelry.”  The manager reaffirms.

Customized design is created

Once customer’s needs and wants have been identified, the next task is to draw the master plan of the jewelry. At this stage is where the process of design commences. It is a very crucial task that often requires input from experts within the organization. The idea is conceptualized and results in a masterplan sketch drawn. The best material is selected depending on its individual characteristics and the customer-provided preferences. A prototype is sometimes designed and is followed by corrections to ensure that it eventually fits into the plan. These steps are crucial as they help in directing the rest of the manufacturing process.

Immediately after the master plan has been designed, the artifact is returned to the workshop floor where the actual jewel cutting will begin. A particular coin is selected and then clamped firmly into position ready for the actual drilling and cutting process.

The coin is drilled and cut out

The cutting out process begins will drilling some small holes through the coin using a specialized drilling tool. The drilled holes will form the point where the saw coin shall be inserted to cut the coin. Coin drilling is a very delicate and sophisticated process, one which requires a high level of concentration alongside a steady and experienced hand. It is the first step where the actual writings and art forms are engraved onto the coin.

Just like drilling, the coin cutting process is another delicate process. This process must be done with caution because any mistake in the cutting will result in distortion and the total rejection of the coin.

“But with the experience and excellent hand tools we have, this is usually not a severe problem,”

- Namecoins technician.

Coin is thoroughly polished

After the writings have been engraved, the carved gaps are polished to give them a smooth and uniform finishing. This stage can be done using scrubbing materials until a smooth polished surface is realized. When picked out, minor corrections may still be applied during this phase.

Ensuring adequate safety measures is a priority at Namecoins. “Most of our work is done using human labor and hand tools. We strive to make sure to provide protective gear for our staff, as we repeatedly teach each of them how to use drilling and cutting tools safely, while we also ensure they are used correctly.” Says the safety officer.

Placing an order

When the manufacturing process is complete, it is marketed through various media platforms including social media and other online stores. Customers will identify with them and eventually result in placing orders and making payments. Sometimes, customers may place orders even before the jewelry is designed or completed. In such a case, their orders are taken, and the client is advised when their custom cut coins are ready.

Immediate shipment

The delivery process begins immediately after the customer has successfully placed an order. Each customer gives their shipping details and waits for the jewelry to be delivered to their doorstep. The duration of this phase varies depending on their location, and the convenience of the courier service employed. Usually, it is delivered within 48 hours after dispatch.