How To Make Lasting Relationships With Engraved Necklaces

Words are overrated!  It is not enough to say that you love him or her.  Put a little more emphasis into the whole deal, make for them a piece of jewelry that they will treasure for as long as they live.  When you give a special person a special gift like a necklace, it’s as hard to throw it away as it is to forget that you exist in their lives.

Go an extra mile and have the necklace engraved.  You are almost at that point where you are in their night as well as daydreams.  This will be the first step toward putting a seal in their hearts, and that they know no matter the season, you care for them.

You are almost there, go a notch higher and have that necklace not only engraved but on a particular kind of material that will last long and not wear out so fast.  Let it be hand cut on a coin, as if that is not enough, let Namecoins custom make an interlocking necklace just for you.  This is a two piece necklace that when put together, fit perfectly.  Give one piece to your special someone and remain with one piece.  Need I say more?


Say it with an engraved necklace to:



Your family in any capacity, be it sons, daughters or grandkids, all are equally important to you.  You may not have enough vocabulary to express it in words that will leave a mark in their hearts forever.

The best way to do this would be to gift them with a unique necklace, be it whole or interlocking; an engraved necklace is worth a thousand words.  Namecoins will do it to your specifications. If you want to give an engraved necklace with a basketball or soccer ball and a jersey number, to that particular son or daughter, this is how you do it.

They will always treasure this piece of fine jewelry even in their later days as grownups.  Do not undermine the impact of a unique necklace with their favorite animal or bird or sports item engraved on it.  You have just bought yourself endless love from your child.

Many times we hear or see and hand over precious necklaces, a couple of hundred years old that belonged to a great grandmother or great aunt.  You could also start a tradition by getting a uniquely design engraved necklace that is bound to stay within the family for generations.  You only need to give it to your son’s wife or your daughter, and you can be sure that it will be passed on to their posterity.

Best friends and spouses

Your best friend or your spouse stands with you through thick and thin, and it’s only fair if they got a special kind of jewelry to remind them of this soul tie every time they look at that beautiful necklace. 

With spouses, you could go all romantic and get them a super elegant engraved interlocking necklace with a heart or their initials engraved on one side and theirs on the side. You can also get an interlocking neck chain with two sides of their favorite animal or bird.  Your gesture will go with them wherever and your memory will be engraved on them forever.

Group membership

We all have groups, formal and non-formal, which we belong to.  These groups always have shared interests and work together to accomplish certain goals and objectives.  It could be a sports group, a reading club or such a group with close-knit members who hold each other in high esteem.

If such a group could identify itself with special engraved necklaces, deliberately and intentionally made to suit its goal, they would feel much closer than if they just had jerseys or another piece of clothing they wear as particular kind of ‘uniform code.’

If they love animals, birds or sports, they can identify one type of any of these and have it engraved by Namecoins into a five or more-piece puzzle necklace.  This image will be etched on a coin with meticulous detail, and the finished product will awe them.  They will want to identify with the group at any time proudly, and nothing will make them forget they were ever members.

Special occasions

We often get stranded wondering what kind of gift we will offer to the bride, groom, kids who are celebrating anniversaries, that one particular teacher who works so well with your children or any other kinds of celebrations. 

Well, worry no more.  Namecoins is just the place to pop in for those specially engraved necklaces that speak volumes and will keep you treasured in the hearts of the recipient.


Be it a spouse, best friend, sibling, child or any other special person in your life, with a custom made engraved necklace, you can never go wrong.