How to Make Your Mark With Personalized Necklaces

Since we all can remember, people have shown their affection to one another using jewelry gifts. Depending on who you intend as the receiver of your gift, personalized jewelry is amazing because they show the person being given the gift of how special and loved they are.

Below are examples of personalized necklaces for four relationship types:


Personalized necklaces for your mom

To make a statement on your mom’s personalized necklace consider the following:

  • Depending on her complexion, what color would look good on her,
  • What material is suitable for her, one that she can wear every time and everywhere comfortably this means the material should be one that doesn’t cause skin irritation,
  • If you can, measure your mom's neck girth, so that the necklace should fit perfectly,
  • Your mom’s name and birth date may be used to personalize the necklace,
  • What does she love most, what is it that could melt her heart when she sees on the piece,
  • How much money do you intend to use,
  • What chain would you love to use, try making sure it is stainless,
  • Where do you want to buy the piece from?


Examples of personalized necklaces at Namecoin:

Mothers necklace personalized handmade jewelry, made from either half dollar or silver coin with personalized initials placed on each side. Several options allow you to choose the size you want and whether you want to use key chains or to go with black cord. The good news is that the piece is comfortable to wear and unique.

Single mom and dad family of 4 necklaces, made from a Morgan silver dollar with the four pieces fitting in perfectly you have the option of choosing the initials you so want.

Personalized jewelry for the entire family

Notice that these necklaces can be worn by the whole family, remember every member of the family is equally important and can be given their personal gifts to show them affection, trust, as a sign of unity, among other family virtues. Get to know what every member of your family loves, the material you would want to use that is comfortable to wear, the budget in place for this particular gift. You can use personalized interlocking pieces.

Examples at Namecoin include:

Puzzle piece family necklace this is said to be the coolest puzzle piece ever with six pieces perfectly fitting together, and the initials come cut in. It is made from half a dollar and it being an interlocking type is meant to show unity among people especially the family. Every time you look at the piece you have you remember your people. You have the option to choose the initials you would want, and it is cut for you.

16 silver jigsaw puzzle pieces it is made from 4 silver dollars cut to the required initials by the client. It’s a puzzle that fits in perfectly interlocking and is suitable for family or wedding parties.

Personalized necklace for you

You don’t have to wait to be given the gift you can as well treat yourself. This would be easy to find because you know what you love, the budget of the necklace you intend to buy, the material that you would like to use for the necklace. Remember it’s important to consider self-love and celebrate your achieved milestone every so often ensure you use the above factors to make a mark on your gift for you.

Custom basketball necklace with your jersey number if you are into sports and say you specifically love basketball you could buy this piece for yourself. It perfectly represents your team or better yet your love for the game. It can be made to your specifications.

Name necklace in the shape of a heart, if your name contains seven letters or more, then this would be perfect for you and at Namecoin they use completely stainless steel chains. When you see the piece, it shows you how committed and the love we give to deliver you the best personalized gift.

Personalized necklaces are very common and trendy on our televisions today with almost all famous celebrities wearing them. They are a reminder of love, and depending on the piece, they send other kinds of messages to the public. With technological growth, everyone can research for a perfect piece online. There are many jewel stores but Namecoin stands out because we emphasize on the uniqueness of the product we deliver, we don’t use machines to make them rather our jewelers only craft them according to your desired specifications. The necklaces are also reasonably priced, and everyone can get a great piece for their loved ones or themselves. We deliver the perfect products on time.