Who is NameCoins? Part 2



Who is behind the Name?

My husband and I started cutting designs out of coins from around the world almost 30 years ago. It began as a hobby, but it wasn't long before we became artisans and had a shop in Silver Dollar City, located in Branson, MO. Here, we perfected the art of cutting coins and making all kinds of beautiful jewelry from them. Now are sons work with us and help us become very popular on the internet.

We specialize in custom designs and truly love creating the perfect custom gift for our customers. Working closely with our customers has allowed us to create increasingly difficult, beautiful, and intricate designs, so that now we can cut just about anything! What we have posted here is a fraction of what we have done throughout the years, so please challenge us with your idea and we will try to create it for you!

How do we do it exactly? Do we use some sort of a machine, laser or water jet?

 All our work is cut by hand with a jewelers saw. First we take our ideas to our designer, then decide on the final draft. Then we drill holes into the coin (Look below at our tiny drill bits picture!!)
We run our saw blade through the hole (Look at the saw's tiny teeth!), clamp the coin and cut away all by hand! We do not use cutting machines of any kind. We hope you love what we can do!