Buck and Doe

Deer Cut Coin Necklace, Couples Interlocking Gold Dollar, hand cut coin

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This interlocking coin deer necklace makes a perfect gift for those who share a love of the outdoors with their special someone. Featured on a Gold dollar, this really is a unique way to capture your love but in a rugged way. Each piece is hand cut; a method that not only brings you a craft of unique dexterity but also insures that only one pair interlocks, which makes this piece as unique as your relationship. Your order will include chains made from high quality stainless steel.

Presidential Golden Dollars have no gold in them. Instead they are composed of:
a pure copper core with an outer layer made of 77% copper, 12 % zinc, 7% manganese, and 4% nickel.
This unique combination of metals gives the dollar coins their golden appearance.

Important: Gold dollars will dull faster than quarters because of the metals used in them and are more likely to cause an allergic reaction if one is sensitive to metals. A silver polishing cloth or something similar is suggested in its upkeep.

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