Endless Best Friends and Couples Necklaces

Silver Compass Couples Necklaces, Friends Travel Jewelry, Long Distance Relationship

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This is a compass design that we have made to cut apart into 2 necklaces for couples or friendship. It is made from a silver US coin. We burnish and hammer the details of the top of the coin away and leave just wavy silver. Then we engrave an intricate compass with a world map in the middle. Then we will carefully cut the compass into an interlocking design for two people. The result is stunning. 

For this design we use quarters, half dollars or whole dollars minted before 1965. So they are made of real silver.  You will be able to see the details of the coin on the back of the necklace.

We are a small team of six who work very hard to make sure you have the perfect gift! We really do cut our coins totally by hand. Check out the "about us" section and watch our video! If you have any questions or would like something custom then please let us know.

If you like our designs please check out our Facebook. We regularly put news and new designs there and we answer questions about our work and all sorts of design possibilities.

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