Golf Markers

Doctor Golf Ball Marker, Medical, Nurse, Initials engraved

This is an awesome golf ball marker for anyone in the medical field. It is made from a silver quarter that has been smoothed and hammered to give it a gently rippled surface. The engraving is deep and will last forever. The Divot tool holds the marker and is very sturdy. Please let us know what you would like us to engrave in your order comments.

Would you like your name or a specific date? Or another design entirely? Request a custom order and we will design it for you. The pricing is decided by the difficulty of engraving. We can engrave almost anything you want into it. Just ask!

Would you like a ideas for a different design or possibly have us cut a design instead of just engraving? Take a look around our shop. Most of our necklaces could just as easily be golf markers.

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