Heart Shaped Animal sets

Two Wolves making a Heart, necklace

Size Guide

These wolf necklaces make a heart when together. We cut all the detail of these his and hers wolf heads from a half dollar, but a silver coin may also be ordered. All of our work is cut by hand with perfection in view.

With your order you get two very strong and smooth stainless steel necklaces with each set. Or, if you choose, we put one or both on keychains

If you like our work please check out our facebook. We regularly put news and new designs there and we answer questions about our work and all sorts of design possibilities.. http://www.facebook.com/namecoins

OR message us directly through etsy for Custom Design possibilities and quotes.

Production Method:
All our work is cut by hand with a jewelers saw. First we take our ideas to our designer, then decide on the final draft. Then we drill holes into the coin (Look above at our tiny drill bits picture!!) We run our saw blade through the hole (Look at the saw's tiny teeth!), clamp the coin and cut away all by hand! We do not use cutting machines of any kind. We hope you love what we can do!


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