911 Dispatcher and Police Badge Necklaces, BFF Couples Handmade Coin

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We carefully engrave a 911 dispatcher headset, then hand cut the police badge and responder halves to make the perfect gift. These couples or best friend necklaces are perfect for those in the medical and law enforcement field. They have been cut by hand to fit together like a puzzle. The inside details of the medical symbols have been engraved deeply into each side. 

We made our Interlocking designs because we wanted to create something that unites two people. Either a couple or friends or family. You give half to your special someone and every time they look at it, they think of you and the piece that fits it just right. We also Personalize!

With your order you get two very strong and smooth stainless steel necklaces with each set. Or, if you choose, we put one or both on key chains or black cords.

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