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Electric Drum Set Necklace, Rockers jewelry hand cut coin

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This is an Electric Drum Set Necklace. This cool necklace is very noticeable and unique. We cut all of our jewelry by hand. It is very strong and will last forever. You notice the ring around it, that is actually the rim of the coin left behind after we cut out by hand in our 'thin rim' style.

A high quality stainless steel chain comes with it. Look at the second picture to see our different chain options.

Production Method All our work is cut by hand with a jewelers saw. First we take our ideas to our designer, then decide on the final draft. Then we drill holes into the coin (Look above at our tiny drill bits picture!!) We run our saw blade through the hole (Look at the saw's tiny teeth!), clamp the coin and cut away all by hand! We do not use cutting machines of any kind.



Drilling holes that we can run our saw blade through.



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