Puzzle Piece Necklaces

Our Hearts Together, 4 Piece Heart Necklace

Size Guide

These 4 heart puzzle piece necklaces are great for best friends or family members who want to show in a unique way how much they care. It brings everyone close together as they try and put the pieces together like a puzzle and then reminds them all of their love when they are apart.

As shown, it's cut from a silver dollar coin. However, in the "coin type" options bar you can also select a quarter, half dollar, and silver half dollar, as an option. All the pieces have been cut from the same coin, so they fit perfectly together representing the unity and love of your family and friends.

In the options you can choose your chain length and thickness. If you wish to have different chain options you can let us know what sizes you would prefer in the order comments box. All of our necklaces are made from high quality stainless steel. You can also choose between key chains or black cords.


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