Puzzle Piece Necklaces

Puzzle Piece Family Necklaces, 6 Piece, Hand cut Half dollar

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This is the coolest puzzle piece necklace set ever. All 6 pieces fit together perfectly and come with a personal initial cut in it. Starting with a half dollar, we use a Jeweler's Coping Saw to hand cut each the pieces to this personalized Puzzle set.

We made our Interlocking designs because we wanted to create something that unites people. Either friends or family. You give part to your family or friends and every time they look at it, they think of each other and the pieces that fit just right.

Let us know which 6 letters your would like (1 for each) in the comments to seller box before checking out. Also, If you would like to put a different Length or Width of chain for each piece, just let us know in the comments as well.
Example- "letter O with a 24" thin chain, letter E with with an 18" thin chain, and so on.


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