3 Best friends interlocking ASL love hands necklaces by Namecoins

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These "I love you hands" 3 piece interlocking necklaces, make a perfect gift for 3 best friends. The idea of being able to express equal affection into three with one gift is very special. Like all our pieces, this design is cut with a hand driven jeweler's saw. This is cut in a half dollar, which provides the perfect size when cut into thirds. Or, check out our 3 puzzle pieces best friends set.

This will come with 3 strong and smooth 20 inch stainless steel chains.

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Mandy N.
Beautiful~! I received my order in time for Christmas presents. The 3 piece "Love Hands" were perfect for my little niece and nephews. My sister was in tears...as the kiddos always flash the sign for love instead of waving goodbye. These unique necklaces were beautifully made....and I would definitely recommend! Thank you!
Mariah T.
Perfect Gift I got these necklaces for my sisters and I. I gave the other two necklaces to them the day before I left for college as a little something special to remind them that just because I'm moving out, it doesn't mean that we can't stay as close as we are now and that they can't still talk to me when they need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. They loved them and we all wear them daily. #lovedthem
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