Beach Jewelry, Inside and Outside Pieces, Relationship Necklace, Coin Anchor by NameCoins

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Do you and your loved one share a passion for the beach or sailing? Then this anchor necklace set, might make a perfect gift! It features the inside and outside pieces of one coin, meticulously cut all by hand.

It has been hand cut totally by hand into a quarter by our small 6 member team at NameCoins. It includes 2x 20" smooth, strong stainless steel chain (one thin and one thick).

If you are interested in making this more customized for you, finding a new design, or simply wanting to see different chain options look us up:

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Brandon P.
Amazing i bought the Anchor for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. I wear the matching piece and its great. Feels great and I've already had tons of compliments and questions about it. Thank you
Marny K.
Perfect for your "Other Half" I can't believe how perfect this gift is! Looks just like the picture and description, and I know my gift will be held very special.
Colton H.
Great!! The cut was perfect and my girlfriend loved it!!
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