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Best Friend Horse Necklaces, Equestrian Jewelry, Hand Cut Coin by NameCoins

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These are the best friends necklaces for horse lovers. Both sides of this quarter fit together perfectly. Its fun because while you are wearing it you have to be close to put the two sides together. You will just have to decide who gets which side :)

It has been hand cut totally by hand into a quarter by our small 6 member team at NameCoins. It includes 2x 20" smooth, strong stainless steel chain (one thin and one thick).

If you are interested in making this more customized for you, finding a new design, or simply wanting to see different chain options look us up:

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Abbie R.
Coin Necklace-cowgirl best friends The necklaces came out perfect! So unique. I ordered them for my best friend's birthday. She loved it! We both love horses. Thank you!
Patti H.
Horse Necklaces, Cowgirl Best Friends Jewelry, Interlocking Handcrafted cut Quarter AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks great. I have shown it to many friends and everyone had great comments. The only thing I am changing is the chains. I ordered the smaller size, but it still looks too big I am changing it out for a more petit chain. But the quarter cutout is PERFECT!! This is a graduation gift for one of my special needs students that I work with at a Therapeutic Riding Program. We met 10yrs ago and I have worked with her since. This necklace has a lot of meaning for me! Thanks Again, Great Job!!
Andrew B.
I loved its amazing how y'all did it
Tonya C.
Awesome Jewelry I love it and I have gotten so many compliments on it. I pulled the one off and placed both of them on one chain and it looks awesome. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!
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