Charging Horse Engraved Necklace, Hammered Silver Charm

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To make this cutesy charging horse charm, we take an old coin, hammer it and polish it until it looks like gentle waves of silver. Then we engrave our special details to the horse form. We work hard to add the small things in our engraving that you will appreciate and love. 

The quarters, dimes, and half dollars used are minted before 1965 because those ones are made of silver. In the third picture you can still see the back of the silver dime we used.

Our thinner chains are 4mm thick and our thick chains are 6mm thick. They are made of stainless steel and are very strong and smooth. The thick version is heavy and perfect for guys.

Do you like this idea but would like a different design? Request a custom order and we can create something for you! Look around are shop. Most of our ideas come from customers asking for special work.

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