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Custom Basketball Necklace with your Jersey Number, Hand cut coin

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Where else can you get a basketball necklace with your very own custom jersey numbers? This is the perfect way to represent your team or your love for the game. Ask for a specific year OR state quarter to make it really special. Make sure to tell us if you would like it cut on the heads or tails side of the quarter.

We can cut the basketball by itself, or turn it into a name jewelry, use the figure of a basketball player instead, or we can forget the whole coin idea and make an awesome Sports Rings

Your order will include a high quality and sturdy stainless steel chain. The second picture shows the difference in the thickness of our chains.

If you like our work, please check out our Facebook page. We regularly post news and new designs there, as well as answer questions about our work and all sorts of design possibilities.

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Jeremy H.
Awesome!! This came out beautiful! Only thing I would want would be a slightly better quality chain. But the came is absolutely amazing!
Paula D.
awesome/unique My daughter gave this chain to her boyfriend. He loved it. It was definitely a one of a kind gift that no one else has ever thought of in the school!
Kim S.
A great gift! my son really liked it & was impressed that it had the year he was born on it. The only comment he made was he wished the coin was from Ohio as well since that is where he lives & was born. While ordering I could only figure out how to put one request in so I went with the year! Super helpful staff and thoughtful to get it out to me in time for a surprise gift..when I waited to long to place my order.
Vicky J.
I loved them, my grandson's also thought they was great.....
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