Custom Name Necklace with Butterfly, hand cut Quarter

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This is a custom necklace. We will cut by hand your name and a butterfly onto a quarter and put it on a chain of your choice. Tell us any name 8 letters or less in the comments and we will personalize it just for you and also cut a butterfly with it. Also, if you prefer, we can do it in a dime (For a dime, we can do 6 letters or less). This is a very unique and special gift that will generate many compliments. All of our designs are hand cut, this provides you with the best possible quality. These designs make great gifts.
We Provide unique jewelry for unique people.

Please let us know on your order.

If you would like another design besides a butterfly we most likely can make it for you. Just contact us. We aim to please :)


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Patsy S.
Love it it looks awesome and cant stop wearing it
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