Elk couples Necklaces, Interlocking puzzle Jewelry

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These necklaces are of a male and female elks. They interlock perfectly and fit like a puzzle. Every detail is meticulously cut by hand with a small jeweler's saw.

We made our Interlocking designs because we wanted to create something that unites two people. Either a couple or friends or family. You give half to your special someone and every time they look at it, they think of you and the piece that fits it just right.

Do you want this on a special year OR state quarter? (STATE QUARTERS ARE ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE YEAR THEY WERE MADE and are not possible in silver) We have that as an option.

If you like the design but want it cut in silver select a silver coin from the options. Our work is especially beautiful when in silver. The other option lets you choose your chain lengths and link thickness. 20"thin means 20 inches long with thinner link shown in the Doe side in the main picture. 

If you like our work please check out our Facebook. We regularly put news and new designs there and we answer questions about our work and all sorts of design possibilities.

OR message us directly for Custom Design possibilities and quotes. 

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