Hammered Copper Cuff With Custom Engraving, Name and deer

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This is a copper bracelet cuff that we have engraved a family name and a buck and doe design on each side. We hammer the copper by hand and then start engraving. 

We are very versatile with designs. If you would like another animal or engraving then please message us!

Many believe that wearing a copper bracelet has medicinal properties. This bracelet will naturally patina with time. Sometimes faster and sometimes slower depending on your body chemistry. The patina is pretty. However if you would like to restore the bracelet to its original luster than just rub it with baking soda, salt and lemon juice. Renaissance wax will also protect it and your wrist from turning green.

The bracelet is somewhat bendable so you will be able to make it a little smaller or larger to fit your wrist without any trouble.

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