Howling Wolf Interlocking necklaces with custom anniversary date engraved

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These Wolf necklaces form a pair that fits together perfectly. Your anniversary date will be engraved on each necklace. Then cut by hand to come apart. Please let us know in your order comments what date you would like us to use. Of course, if you would rather us engrave your names we can do that! Just let us know. We make our art very customizable and we would love to work with you. One customer asked us to engrave the GPS coordinates of where he met his girlfriend. It was so sweet : )

You get two necklaces showing the howling wolf. This is cut by hand from a quarter and comes with two high quality stainless steel chains or key chains. If you want to have a specific state OR year (can't choose both) then we would be happy to do that for you. Just let us know in your order comments and let us know if you want us to cut it on the heads or tails side. 

See all our wolves here!!! 

If you like our work please check out our facebook. We regularly put news and new designs there and we answer questions about our work and all sorts of design possibilities..


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Ryan Y.
Great! Just wish I had got a bigger sizecoin.
Laura L.
very neat. Very cool. Son loved it.
Conner R.
Oh my giddiness!!! You guys did such a beautiful job. My husband is deploying October 3rd and ever since we received our necklaces he hasn't taken his off and I haven't taken mine off. My husband is Comanche Native American :) and ever since we first started dating I have called him my wolf and this necklace really symbolizes a lot for us. It's so beautiful thank y'all so much it's perfect.
Jacqueline L.
Thanks for the neckless :) I loved the charm it was perfect but the chain could have been better it gets tangled and pulled my hair a lot
Eduardo B.
Wolf Coin I say pretty amazing. I love it, my girlfriend loves it and just getting it looks awesome.
Brittani B.
awesome I love it
Amanda M.
Amazing craftsmanship! The coins turned out great. My girlfriend loved hers. I've already referred someone to your site.
Amanda H.
It was perfect! Definitely will order in the future!
Tristan W.
howling wolf My girlfriend loved it and its awesomely designed and cut. Thanks
Ericka F.
Elenor L.
Five stars A unique idea, expertly executed. Not only that but the service was excellent. They accommodated my every request and posted my product the same day. Five stars.
Maximo W.
Great service The package was exactly what we expected. It made my daughter so happy. Thank you for the professional service.
My husband and I had a set of these and he left for deployment in November. Unfortunately, someone on the ship stole his half so I ordered a new set and had it shipped straight to him with an FPO address. This was over a month ago and he still has not received them. The tracking information tells me that it departed Chicago on Dec. 26th. I hate to say it but I'm sure this package has ended up in wrong hands or is lost at sea :(
Michelle R.
It looks amazing and feels great!! It was a gift for my daughter she loves wolves and she was excited to receive such a gift. Thank you so much for such spectacular work!!
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