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Hunting Necklace, Buck and Doe with child, Baby Spike deer by Namecoins

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These necklaces are perfect for a hunting family with a son! The buck, doe and spike interlock perfectly with each other. Although the little spike is on the mom's doe side, the shadow of the baby boy is still clearly seen on the fathers side.

One of our team of 6 will work on this to make sure the details come out just right. We will cut it from a quarter and it will have two quality, smooth 20" stainless steel chains.

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Michelle W.
Amazing! Absolutely beautiful work. Customer service is 10 *'s i made a mistake, she corrected it walked me thru it, adding more on and sent an invoice all with an awesome attitude. I'll b buying again definitely! Everyone luvs it - our whole family got them.
Kyle K.
amazing! The coin is just wow! And the team that made it all possable is very helpful and just wonderful people. Thankyou all again so much for your help and I would recomend this company to anyone in serch of this product.
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