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Nurse Necklace, Star Of Life Jewelry by Namecoins

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This is a great necklace for a nurse or anyone in the medical profession. Universally recognized, this identifies the wearer in a truly unique way. We cut the star of life from the coin showing the serpent and staff floating in it.

One of our 6 member team will hand cut this nursing gift from a quarter and it will come with a 20 inch stainless steel chain. If you like our handmade work, then check us out at Namecoins.

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Kim G.
great service My Daughter works in EMS. This Token was one of her Birthday gifts. It is wonderful! We have had many people asking about it and complementing her on the looks, qualit and originality of the pendant. Thank you so much , we love it.
Rosa G.
Awesome customer service! They were extremely helpful with what I wanted. My necklace was cut the same day I ordered and in the mail that night for shipment the next morning. Definitely will do business with them again! Thank you so much!
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