Swans In Heart Necklace

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This necklace is cut to look like two swans making a heart coming together. We cut this all by hand :)

We can use a special state quarter to make this necklace personal a significant to the relationship. Let us know in your order comments what state and whether you would like your necklace cut on the heads or state side.

We now have new real silver quarters that are new and in mint condition! These are specialty coins that the mint has made for collectors that have never been in circulation. Our art is really enhanced by using these beautiful silver coins. You also can choose a specific state that has sentimental value. This adds special meaning to the gift. If you choose the silver state quarter option then please remember to let us know in the order comments which state and whether you would like it cut on the head side or the state (tails) side. If you would like a specific year silver quarter then please message us for availability.

Our necklaces are of strong and smooth stainless steel. You can also choose key chains or black cords.

We are a small team of six who work very hard to make sure you have the perfect gift! We really do cut our coins totally by hand. Check out the "about us" section and watch our video! If you have any questions or would like something custom then please let us know.

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