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Wolf Friendship necklaces, 3 piece Interlocking quarter jewelry set, hand cut coin

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Three wolves howling made from the same coin. With a jewelers saw, we carefully cut so each wolf had connects to another piece. We can cut it on a small quarter, or larger coins and they look great in silver. Very very cool and you can be sure that none of your friends will have seen one. If you and two friends love wolves, then this can't be passed up. Or add initials, or choose from another wolf best friends idea.


Your order will include three quality stainless steel necklaces, or if you request we can put some or all of them on key chains.

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Jean J.
"We three are family" This necklace was made for me, my son and my new love. He has been a true blessing to me and my son and we all three have connected since the first day we met!!! I wanted this necklace to show how well we three fit together and my son and I gave this to Carl for his birthday...truly means a lot to each of us and we have not taken them off since Carl opened them. Thank you for such a lovely gift that says so much about us.
Ashley A.
Kristin L.
Name coins are fabulous As a repeating customer of name coins..I've seen that they continue to have great service. I got the 3 wolf necklace for my friends and I as a Christmas gift and we were so happy with the way it turned out. Name coins is great at their service and very responsive. I enjoy the arts and their business is a true work of art!:)
Jesper J.
Very nice I bought a three piece wolf necklace and i do not regret anything about it, it was for my two best friends and i think they will love it, the only thing i can critizise is that the wolf signature may be a little bit hard to see but it may aswell be the shape of the coin which does it. Otherwise i am very pleased with everything
Andrea K.
Great Friends Necklace My daughter and her two friends love this gift. We wanted to find something symbolizing their friendship and the Wolfpack symbol was perfect. The chain and coin pieces feel strong and durable. Perfect for active kids.
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