Puzzle Piece Necklaces

3 Heart Necklaces, 3 Best Friends with Initials, Puzzle Pieces Cut From A Heart, Three BFF Gifts, Personalized Cut Coin

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This is a heart necklace that has 2 puzzle piece necklaces cut out of it, and initials cut into all three pieces. It shows the unity of your best friends or family. The heart and puzzle pieces are cut by hand from a real US coin. You can choose a half dollar, silver half dollar, or silver dollar.

Our necklaces are of strong and smooth stainless steel. You can also choose key chains or black cords.

We are a small team of six who work very hard to make sure you have the perfect gift! We really do cut our coins totally by hand. Check out the "about us" section and watch our video! If you have any questions or would like something custom then please let us know.


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